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Do you want to achieve your personal and business goals faster?

If you’re looking for an expert in financial advice in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. At O’Brien Accountants & Advisors, our main goal is to help people build the life they’ve always dreamed of. 

Let us know about the goals you set for yourself, your business, or your family, and we’ll get you there!


Take Your Business to the Next Level

We are not your typical business accountants in Melbourne.

When you partner with us, you’re also getting access to business advisors who can empower and support you in taking your business forward. We’ll look at your business strategically and provide you with timely advice on cashflow management, forecasting, reporting, and improving business efficiency.


Protect Your Family

Growing your wealth and passing it on to the next generations can bring complexities. If you want to deal with your family’s financial affairs with ease, what you need is an expert in family advisory in Melbourne who cares. 

Our team at O’Brien’s can put effective strategies in place to protect your family’s best interests and help you plan for the future. From properties, shares, and businesses, to risk planning, estate planning, capital transition, and insurance– we’ve got you covered!


Achieve the Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted

Everyone has a picture in their head of their ideal life. We’d love to know about yours.

Let us talk about your personal dreams, aspirations, and lifestyle goals and work out a plan on how to achieve them. No matter what stage in life you’re in, it’s never too early or too late to seek guidance from a trusted financial planner in Melbourne.

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