Investment briefing webinar: COVID 12 months on, where are we now?

We collaborated with one of our independent investment partners, Morningstar, to bring you an investment briefing webinar “COVID 12 months on, where are we now?”.

This webinar provides insight into the current economic climate, given the impact of a global pandemic.

Enormous stimulus from global governments and central banks has buoyed investors, the main catalyst being the COVID-vaccine rollout raising hopes of a return to some version of “normal” in the foreseeable future.

With improving outlook for global growth comes a renewed focus on inflation expectations. This has profound implications for portfolio construction, particularly with regard to interest-rate sensitive assets, and goes some way to explaining some of the moves in asset prices seen recently.

Presented by Clint Abraham, Portfolio Specialist, Morningstar, we discuss markets in further detail and implications for portfolio positioning.

Download webinar recording here.