Samantha has given us advice with clear explanations. Samantha points us in the best direction for a most satisfactory result. We view her as our most competent expert when dealing with any difficulties we have with our financial matters now as we move through retirement. I would advise anyone looking for a clear, concise, understanding advisor to consider enlisting Samantha onto their “team”.


Financial Planning client

Wonderful staff. Efficient. Simone is absolutely fantastic to deal with and has been such a help to me. Cannot be more grateful to have Simone steering our financial ship!

Jess Dance, Owner/Operator
Beeches By The Sea,

Accounting & Tax Advisory client

I have just recently sold my business to a firm in the USA. A combination of the business not being a traditional type of business, and an international transaction, made it trickier than usual. I am just so grateful I had O'Brien's helping me with the sale, and in particular Di and Mark. Their knowledge was exceptional.


Accounting & Tax Advisory client

Samantha has provided expert and timely advice to assist me with all the decisions and actions needed to move from the stage of building assets and superannuation to managing retirement finances. Sam's knowledge, experience, great listening and encouragement have made this process so much easier and helped me to maximise all opportunities. I feel confident that the way ahead suits my needs.


Financial Planning client, 56 - 65 years

As a second generation family member now involved in running our business, the team at O’Brien’s have been an integral part of our company’s succession. The challenge I initially experienced was understanding the layers of complexity in which our financial structure was built and run. O’Brien’s enabled us to simplify our accounting processes and provided us with a clear way to manage our finances going forward.

Leonie Akhidenor, Head of Development
View Bank Homes,

Accounting & Tax Advisory client

Samantha has guided us through our retirement making sure our superannuation is maximised. This she has done with care and an ability to explain all strategies clearly. Samantha has excellent rapport with us and conveys her sincere concern that we plan ahead and plan for expenditure to maintain our living standard. We look forward to meeting with her and leave satisfied that we are in good, safe hands. She has always responded to our queries and concerns immediately. A wonderful knowledgeable advisor.


Financial Planning client, 65+

In Mark, we have someone with integrity that we can trust and someone who is a stakeholder in our business with the benefit of arm’s length and fresh eyes.

Kiff Saunders, Managing Director
Global Ballooning,

Business Advisory client

We are extremely happy with the service we continue to receive from Alice & Sam. They have guided us through some very troubled times with the utmost care, compassion, professionalism & integrity. We don’t know where we would be without their exceptional support and advice.

Leigh & Steve

Accounting & Financial Planning clients, 45 - 54 years

Extremely professional team that go that extra mile to cover all business requirements. I can highly recommend Mark and his team.

Chris Chafer, Director

Accounting, Business Advisory & Financial Planning client

My only experience is with Nellie Fung and I find her service to be outstanding. Nellie is always available and answers all my questions, always clarifying my requests. I rely on her expertise and guidance.


Financial Planning client, 65+

Nellie always gives very good service when I make an inquiry. She is also very helpful in keeping me informed of matters which need to be attended to and her advice is sound and based on good knowledge and experience.


Financial Planning client, 65+

We felt Tracee completely understood our needs and requirements for future planning. She related to us very well and we felt at ease knowing she had excellent expertise in advising us.

Leanne, Financial Planning client


Samantha assisted my wife and I with our superannuation, insurances and cash flow planning. Her advice was always sound, tailored to our needs and requests, and always communicated clearly with our needs at the centre. We would recommend Samantha in a heartbeat, she is an advisor we can trust to support important financial decisions.


Financial Planning client, 35 - 45 years

Samantha showed clarity and professional care at all times. I feel very confident of the choices made with her support.


Financial Planning client, 56 - 65 years

The service over 20 years has been exceptional. Starting in 2000 helping a small business and progressing through retirement to 2020.


Accounting & SMSF client