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Is share market volatility here to stay, the rise of sustainable investing and more…

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Welcome to the Autumn edition…

Stories include:

Is share market volatility here to stay?

Recently we’ve seen some wild volatility in share markets across the world due to the pandemic and military conflict. We examine what’s going on, the drivers behind the price swings and how long they could last. Importantly, we consider what volatility could mean for your retirement savings.

Why sustainable investing is surging in popularity.

Sustainable investing has moved from the margins to the mainstream. With more investors joining the sustainability movement, we examine some of the reasons why sustainable investing is increasing in popularity and why that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Six wellness habits for every age.

Feeling tired and stressed? You’re not alone. We’ve lived with a lot of uncertainty and pressure lately. COVID-19 has messed up our daily routines and we’ve had to adjust to new demands. So, when life gets complicated, take time to prioritise your mental and physical health.

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